Zero Series 2017 – Forestry Zero Winter/Spring

Zero Series 2017 – Forestry Zero Winter/Spring


Forestry Zero Winter/Spring

In the modern age, land use has become a global issue of
importance, where large swathes of the earth are
occupied and managed for Human productivity. The
Anthropocene describes an epoch of human made biomes,
that have social, political and environmental impacts. The
Forestry Zero seasonal program is a set of 5 day
immersive introductions to the practical techniques and
novel management strategies that take the Forest into
the future at the Valldaura Labs campus. Bringing
together active experience with innovative digital
Workshop participants will gain knowledge of traditional
and historic forestry and silviculture practices, they will
understand the planned and novel frameworks for the
Collserola park both current and into the future. Learning
how to identify species, digitally scan tree morphology,
use digital fabrication tools and learn how to record and
understand ecosystems. Both felling and planting, We will
use DIY embedded electronic devices to geolocate and
map the forest and use territorial computation to
augment our experiential knowledge. Adding data to track
material and energy through the forest and Laboratories.
The Forest of Valldaura Labs covers over 130 Hectares of
the Sera de Collserola park. The recorded history of its
management connects back to the 11th century when the
territory was used as a hunting grounds for the nobility.
Over the centuries the land and forest have gone through
massive change. From clear cutting to agriculture,
abandonment and regrowth. The forest is now managed
to improve its health, its bio-diversity and productivity. It
is also a biotic and material resource and the origin and
the driver of the intension to create a circular local
economy and living system at Valldaura Self Sufficient
The Winter and Spring Forestry workshops can be taken
alone or in series. They are taught in conjunction with
‘Social Forest’ and the Green Fab Lab. Inspired by the plan
to action of the Administration of the Collserolla park;
towards a smart, productive and sustainable forest

Price :
325 euros
Accommodation :
Available and Optional Kitchens and restaurants onsite.
Contact :
[email protected]
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